The sourdough bakers' gift - the cover of "Sourdough" by Robin Sloan.

Unwrapping the Best Gift for Sourdough Bakers Who Love to Read

You know how it is – you have this family member or friend who loves baking sourdough bread. They talk about feeding starters, wild yeasts, bannetons and scoring. But you indulge them because it makes them happy and you like eating the delicious bread.

Now it is time to thank them with a gift.

It can be difficult to surprise someone with a gift when you don’t know much about bread-baking implements or they seem to have everything already (even though that is pretty much impossible 😉 ).

I happen to like baking and audiobooks. Browsing through our library’s catalogue I found the delightful book, “Sourdough” written by the Californian fiction writer, Robin Sloan.
In the book, Lois leaves her frustrating job and moves to California where she gets drawn into the food culture. I enjoyed her adventures throughout the book and I often think about it when my starter (a.k.a Monster) is acting like it could use a little more magic.

Thérèse Plummer did a beautiful job narrating the audiobook and made me feel like she was telling her own, personal story.

If your independent bookstore can’t get it for you, you can find it on Amazon*:




I hope you and your favourite baker enjoy the book as much as I did. If they did, please invite them to leave a comment on this post.


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