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A man holding a tray of bread with the words petsch brot on it.

There comes a point in your life when you need to stop eating other people's bread and make your own!

~ Chris Geiger

I'm here to share what I learned baking sourdough bread for my family and friends.

Baking bread this way is different from a production environment where you need to produce larger quantities that look and taste exactly like the customer expects. 
If you are looking for a more professional approach, I respectfully request you search for a different website.

Baking bread is in my genes 🙂 My great-grandfather had a pastry shop, my brother Ole has a wonderful bakery in northern Germany and my daughter is a professional baker too. 
If you like, you can learn more about this on my blog.

Land Acknowledgement

I am an uninvited guest on the traditional, unceeded (stolen) land of the Syilx Okanagan people. I am grateful for this privalage and determined to learn as much as I can about the owners of this land.
We settlers call this city Kelowna and it is situated in the province of British Columbia, Canada


Hydration” of sourdough is the amount of water to flour by weight. We enjoy lower hydration bread with a denser crumb and smaller holes. Most of my bakes will be at a lower hydration.​

Units Of Measure

As mentioned I am Canadian. We live in a strange mix of imperial and metric units. Our oven measures in Farenheit and I have set my scale to grams.
As much as possible I will provide conversions for you.

Start learning how to bake better bread today, with the best possible help.

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