Two over-proofed loaves of sourdough bread sitting on a wooden cutting board.

Is Over-proofed Sourdough The Worst Bread Disaster?

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It takes 24+ hours from mixing the first dough to having a finished loaf. Especially beginners are always afraid that their bread doesn’t “turn out”. But aside from one attempt early on, all the times I made a mistake the bread was edible. Sometimes I forgot the salt – the result was a bread that was a little bland but still edible. After a while adding salt became automatic

Worst sourdough fail yet

This weekend I shaped my sandwich bread and put it into a baking form. I usually let it rise slightly before putting it in the fridge overnight. I ended up forgetting it on the counter and it was proofed all night.

over proofed spurdough before baking

As you can see the bread is hopelessly over-proofed. I decided to bake it anyway, especially because the oven was hot for another loaf I had prepared.

overproofed sandwich bread baked
Muffin Bread 🙂

As you can see the sandwich bread has a bit of an …. unusual shape. I let it cool and cut into it.

overproofed bread cut

The crumb is pretty much the same as usual with this recipe. There is no compact area on the bottom. The bread tastes a little more sour than usual but that doesn’t bother me because I like that taste.


It’s fine 🙂 I will not leave the bread to proof overnight again but it is fine. Edible.

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