What is Sourdough Discard And How To Use It?

If you are like me, you don’t like to waste any food.
If you bake every day, you probably don’t have the problem that you get more starter than you need. In my course, Start a New Starter I tell you to discard half of the current starter away and feed the remainder. Once your starter is established, you can save this discard in the fridge and use it for a lot of wonderful recipes.

Sourdough discard = unfed starter

Discard is a very negative word. I prefer to use the term “unfed starter”.

When you feed your starter culture fresh flour, the wild yeast and enzymes get active and start digesting the carbohydrates. Depending on the ambient temperature, this process takes about 4 – 6 hours. After that, the starter becomes less active. The cultures fall dormant until they are fed again.

What to do with sourdough discard?

A culinary creation of an osem monster in a discard bin.

I keep a closed jar of sourdough discard in the fridge and every time I feed “Monster” my starter, I add the discard to this jar. If there is no contamination in the jar, this discard can last for months but I like to use it up within about six weeks.

I don’t use the unfed starter for baking bread or buns where it is used to leaven the bread. But it is still fermented flour and includes a lot of the goodness we love about baking with sourdough.

I am sharing my favourite sourdough discard recipes with you. My recipe collections are always growing, so come back to this page to find new inspiration!

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Collection on Spillt

If you have the Spillt recipe app, you can click the button to find my collection of discard recipes.

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